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Sunset Strip: Paradise Lost

Early in 2002, the television channel A&E transmitted a collection of related TV shows collectively billed as "Hollywood FastTimes Week." As part of that week, this documentary was made that looked closely at one of Hollywood's main thoroughfares, Sunset Boulevard. River's Stand By Me co-star Corey Feldman introduces this documentary "Sunset Strip: Paradise Lost", or as he prefers to call it, "The Tales of Tinsel-Town."

Punctuated with numerous perfectly aligned then-and-now photographs the show presents the full history of the road and demonstrates how it has changed over the years. Clips are shown from interview after interview featuring both local residents and those that work on the Strip. Club owners, for example, recount tales of their experiences and remember how in the Strip's earlier years, excessive alcohol consumption was their biggest problem. By the time the documentary reaches the 1960's, the show reveals how prostitution and drugs have become problems of a far greater magnitude.

Photographs of many celebrities are show including River but he's mentioned by name only briefly during drive-by footage of the Sunset Strip nightclub, the Viper Room. John Belushi's death at the Chateaux Marmont hotel, and the attempted suicide by Milli Vanilli's Rob Pilatus is also discussed in a documentary that ultimately seems to be more interested in only the negative history of the strip.

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