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Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

Guthrie McFadden

Crane McFadden
Rio's Attic: Celebrating the Life and Times of a Dearly Missed River Phoenix
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The Man in the White Hat

First Transmitted: September 22, 1982

With the McFadden brothers locked in a bitter legal dispute throughout the much of this episode, the first storyline for Seven Brides for Seven Brothers following the pilot episode contains only short appearances for Guthrie. Nevertheless, the episode opens with him questioning the need for the new family shed that the brothers are currently constructing. Unfortunately, the brother's construction techniques leave rather a lot to be desired and it isn't long before the partially-constructed shed comes crashing to the ground - "What a mess!" shouts Guthrie as he looks upon what has now become a scene of destruction. Guthrie's elder brother Crane, stating that they shouldn't have taken shortcuts during the construction, causes Guthrie to say what all his elder brothers must be thinking at that point. "So, if you're so right," he says, "how come *you're* such a mess?" Despite the hasty exit Guthrie makes at this point, and the initial head-start he builds up, Crane, in hot pursuit, no doubt eventually caught up with his brother but the audience doesn't get to see the undoubtedly severely tickling that was then promptly administered!

The fortunes of the McFaddens then go from bad to worse when their recent bulk-purchase of several month's supply of grain is impounded, after the warehouse company storing it goes bankrupt. Guthrie, hoping he can assist his brother, hides in the back of the truck when Crane sneaks off to try and break into the warehouse, but is promptly thrown out when his brother discovers him. "Don't tell anybody where I'm going!" demands Crane. "I won't tell anybody you're alive" Guthrie replies with mock animosity, something that quickly evaporates before Crane once again sets off for the warehouse. "Be careful Crane, will ya?" shouts a very concerned Guthrie as the truck disappears down the dirt track towards town.

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