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Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

Guthrie McFadden

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The Election

First Transmitted: November 24, 1982

There is great concern when Guthrie collapses in the kitchen. He'd been off his food during the meal and when the doctor arrives he discovers that young Guthrie has been poisoned. Earlier that day, he'd been playing in the nearby stream and the family immediately suspects that the stream has been polluted.

Upon investigation, a large chemical company as been dumping pesticides in an old mine nearby. The McFadden's are furious to discover, from the local complacent sheriff, that the dumping is entirely legal - the chemical company has paid a considerable amount of money for a permit to do so. As a result, Adam is put forward as a candidate for a new sheriff.

The twelve-year-old Guthrie is seen no more throughout the episode as the election race begins to turn dirtier and dirtier.

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