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Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

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Molly McGraw
Rio's Attic: Celebrating the Life and Times of a Dearly Missed River Phoenix
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I Love You Molly McGraw

First Transmitted: October 6, 1982

After Evan and his beloved horse take a tumble at the start of this episode, everything initially appears to be okay at first. Later however, the prognosis is very poor as it becomes apparent that Diablo has sustained multiple leg bone fractures causing the McFaddens to prepare for the worst if the injury does not respond to treatment. Guthrie spends many hours in the barn quietly reading stories to the injured animal in the hopes of aiding its recovery. "I like someone to read to me when I'm sick," says Guthrie explaining his actions. "It's about a horse, and he's really listening," he says to an appreciative Evan.

The surgery goes well and everyone celebrates. "Hey, why don't we save some champagne for Diablo?" exclaims Guthrie. The celebration also sees a relationship form between Crane and the veterinary surgeon who performed the surgery, Dr Molly McGraw. Guthrie quickly seizes the opportunity to satisfy his penchant for relentlessly teasing his brother Crane, and after making provocative kissing noises, once again has to flee the scene at considerable speed with his brother in hot pursuit.

As the episode progresses further, Crane's relationship with Molly continues to blossom, much to the concern of young Guthrie. "You're not getting serious are you Crane?" he asks. "Well, I just don't want you doing something dumb, like getting married." The brothers question young Guthrie as to why he's so concerned about such an outcome. Somewhat worried, he quickly replies, "Well, everybody's got to get married. By the time I'm twenty-one, the whole house will be full of girls!"

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