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Rio's Attic: Celebrating the Life and Times of a Dearly Missed River Phoenix
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First Transmitted: December 29, 1982

During a routine trip to town to buy Guthrie some new boots, Hanna, Evan and Guthrie stop off at the old abandoned schoolhouse where Hanna's great-grandmother once taught. Hanna is heartbroken when she learnt that the building is to be torn down to make way for a new processing plant. Trouble is, not everyone in the town is so reminiscent - the new plant will bring much needed new job opportunities to the area.

Of equal importance, at least to Guthrie, is the forthcoming Carbon County Junior Frog Jumping Derby so he heads out to the local ponds to catch a few "contestants." There he comes across his classmate, Kate, and is amazed at her frog-catching abilities. "Wow, you've got the fastest hands I've ever seen!" he exclaims in delight and politely asks if she could give him some lessons on how to catch such prize-specimens. Later that night, Adam is shocked to find toads all over Guthrie's bed as he tries to establish which of his catches is the best jumper. Concerned that one of his frogs won't jump at all, he names it "Loser" and soon learns that the frog is female. "He is a she, or Loser and Champ wouldn't have done what my frog book says they do when they mate," he explains to a blushing Hanna.

By the following morning, Guthrie has discovered that Loser has disappeared. She isn't too far away though and when he and Hanna give chase, Guthrie discovers that the newly love-struck animal is an incredibly powerful jumper and wins Guthrie first prize.

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