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Deadly High

First Transmitted: January 26, 1983

The luck of the McFadden family seems to be running at an all time low in this episode. The unconscious body of a badly beaten stranger is discovered on their land, Adam's old flame P.J. makes a flyby of the ranch in her light airplane wanting to see Adam again, Even and Ford are shot at while searching for some of their lost livestock deep in the woods, and Guthrie is offered marijuana at school.

He is later attacked when he confronts the much older boys at his school when he sees them forcing the younger kids to buy pot. Meanwhile, Adam is surprised to learn that P.J. is now a police officer who is tracking down the illegal marijuana crops that have been planted in the area. While the older McFadden brothers are out helping her, Guthrie tries to solve a similar drugs problem in his Junior High School.

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