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Guthrie McFadden

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Stormy Weathers
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Catch A Falling Star

First Transmitted: November 10, 1982

Daniel befriends his long-time hero, country singer Stormy Weathers who is long past his prime, and has developed a serious drink problem.

The first scene that Guthrie and the singer share takes place in the barn while Guthrie carries out his evening chores. They strike up a pleasant conversation, but before long Stormy collapses to the floor. A frightened Guthrie runs back into the house to alert the others but when Adam discovers that Stormy's condition has been caused by too much drink Adam insists that he move on just as soon as possible, because of the negative effects his presence may be having on Guthrie. Guthrie on the other hand is far more concerned for the singer. "It might get a little cold out in the stable tonight," he worries now that Stormy is sleeping out in the barn.

With no improvement in his drinking problem, Stormy tries to sneak out and leave the McFadden's ranch, but Guthrie sees him. "Hey, you don't have to go!" begs Guthrie, but he is unable to persuade the elderly singer to stay. Guthrie them offers him the couple of dollars he's earned recently from doing chores in the hope that it'll go someway to help getting Stormy back on his feet. "No, I can't do that - that's your money," protests Stormy. With tears in his eyes, and quivering lips, Guthrie forces the money into Stormy's shirt pocket

Stormy Weathers did eventually get back on his feet. After managing to get himself a brand new recording contract he returned to the McFadden ranch one last time. He paid Guthrie back, with a not inconsiderable amount of interest on top too.

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