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A Ring For Hanna

First Transmitted: March 9, 1983

The McFadden's host a party on their ranch to celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of the marriage of one of their friends.

The couple's daughter, Jenny, is also at the party and she talks to Guthrie about the following week's talent contest, boldly telling him how she's going to win. Guthrie, on the other hand, isn't too worried, and keeps it a closely guarded secret what he's going to be doing in the contest this year.

In the midst of the anniversary celebrations, the McFadden brothers realize that the first anniversary of Adam and Hanna's marriage is fast approaching. Short of money, they instead decide to head down into the Howling Man Mine, an operation that their father used to own, and repeat what he'd done years previously by mining enough gold nuggets to make a wedding ring for their mother. This new ring would be the anniversary gift to Adam and Hanna from the rest of the family. Jenny overhears that plan and comes along too, much to Guthrie's concern given that they were warned by the present owner of the mine not to enter due to the danger of cave-ins.

Sure enough, the cave collapses leaving Evan and Ford trapped in one area of the mine, and Guthrie and Jenny trapped in another. Jenny becomes very upset and frightened as further cave-ins trap them in even tighter. To cheer Jenny up, Guthrie performs the song routine he's been planning for the talent contest - the convincing Elvis Presley impersonation River did for the show's producer James H. Brown that secured him the role of Guthrie McFadden in the first place.

Keen-eyed viewers watching the show today might notice something a little interesting. Look carefully at Guthrie's friend Jenny - it's a very young Louanne Sirota, who six years later would work with River again on the film A Night in the Life of Jimmy Reardon.

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