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Seven Brides for Seven Brothers


Guthrie McFadden

Adam McFadden

Brian McFadden

Evan McFadden

Ford McFadden
Rio's Attic: Celebrating the Life and Times of a Dearly Missed River Phoenix
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A House Divided

First Transmitted: October 27, 1982

The family is caught up in mountain-polo mania as the Murphys team in which they play makes it through to the finals. Gravely concerned about his behavior both on and off the pitch, captain Adam suspends Brian from the team. This decision tears the family apart, as well as getting Brian thrown in Jail for drink-driving. Guthrie is heart-broken to hear this news and sets about trying to break his brother out.

For the first attempt, Guthrie ties one end of a rope to the cell bars and the other to the saddle of his horse. The plan fails and Guthrie's embarrassment as both he and his saddle comes crashing to the ground when the rope goes taut is surpassed only when Brian points out to Guthrie that he's got the wrong cell window.

Attempt number two sees Guthrie on the jailhouse roof trying to pass a hacksaw down to his brother. Only an impromptu and loud performance by Evan and Ford drowns out the noise and prevents the jailhouse deputy from hearing Guthrie climbing down the drain-pipe.

Guthrie's luck might have held out at the jailhouse, but Adam isn't exactly pleased to hear from Guthrie's schoolteacher that he cut school to visit Brian. Matters are made very much worse when he gets into a fight with a couple of kids who tease him about having a brother in jail. Now Brian is mad with him too, which upsets Guthrie immensely.

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