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Sam Weisman

Jace Richdale

Michael J. Fox

Michael Gross

Justine Bateman
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Family Ties

Released By:Paramount Television
Director:Sam Weisman
Screenplay:Jace Richdale

If "timing" is the secret to successful comedy, then River is on top form earning huge laughs from the audience in a one-off guest appearance in "My Tutor" - an episode of the long-running, hit television series Family Ties starring Michael J. Fox, Michael Gross and Justine Bateman.

Although the series ran for six and a half years from 1982 to 1989, River appeared in the show just prior to hitting the big time following his appearance in Stand By Me. As a result, the character of Eugene Forbes would not become one of a number of recurring characters to reappear in the show.

Shortly after completing the movie Stand By Me, co-star Wil Wheaton would follow in his close friend's footsteps appearing in an episode of Family Ties entitled "'D' is for Date" the following year. Martha Plimpton would herself appear as a shop-lifter in the episode, "Quittin' Time," the season after that.

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