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Backwards: The Riddle of Dyslexia

Robert Kennedy and his Times

Surviving: A Family in Crisis

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Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

Rio's Attic: Celebrating the Life and Times of a Dearly Missed River Phoenix
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1944 The year of the Normandy landings.
December 31, 1944 Mayer and Margaret Dunetz's third daughter,
Arlyn Sharon Dunetz born in New York.
1947 The year of the Roswell incident.
June 14, 1947 John Lee Bottom born.
1969 The year of the Apollo 11 moon landing.
September 13, 1969 The wedding of John Bottom and Arlyn Dunetz takes place in California.
1970 The year of anti-war demonstrations.
August 23, 1970
River Jude Bottom born near Metolius, Oregon at 12:03pm.
1971 The year the Aswan Dam, Egypt is completed.
1972 The year of Watergate.
1973 The year of the worldwide energy crisis.
March 31, 1973
River's first sibling, Rain Joan of Arc born in Crockett, Texas at 9:47pm - six days earlier than expected. At eleven, she would extend her name to Rainbow.
1974 The year President Nixon resigns.
October 28, 1974
River's brother, Joaquin Rafael born in Puerto Rico at 6:14pm.
1975 The year the Khmer Rouge comes to power in Cambodia.
December 25, 1975 For Christmas, River receives a guitar from Spanish singer Alfonso Sainz who teaches him to play.
1976 The year of the Tangshan, China earthquake in which 655,000 people lose their lives.
July 5, 1976
River's second sister, Libertad Mariposa (or Liberty Butterfly) born in Caracas, Venezuela at 11:03am.
1977 The year Elvis Presley died.
August 23, 1977 River spends his seventh birthday in poverty.
1978 The year a Soviet fighter shoots down
a Korean passenger airliner.
1978 River's brother, Joaquin, the only child without a 'nature name' would change his first name to Leaf.
November 1978 The Bottom family return to the United States.
December 10, 1978
River's third sister, Summer Joy born at 2:34am. A late birth, Summer was actually due on November 30.
1979 The year of the Three Mile Island accident.
March 1979 John Bottom suffers a back injury. River and Rain begin entering local talent contests.
April 2, 1979 John changes the family name to Phoenix.
May 1979 River and Rain bring the audience to their feet at the Hernando Fiesta.
June 1979 The family receives a letter inviting them to audition at Paramount Studios.
1980 The year John Lennon was killed.
1980 River and his sister sing to the audience as a warm-up act for the TV show Real Kids.
1980 River has his first appearance on a TV show Fantasy singing with his sister Rain.
1981 The year of the IBM PC and the Charles and Diana wedding.
1982 The year of the Falkland Islands Invasion.
September 19, 1982 NBC broadcasts the first TV episode of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers in which River appears as Guthrie McFadden.
1983 The year of Cabbage Patch Dolls
and the "Just Say No" campaign.
March 23, 1983 Final episode of the TV adaptation of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers airs.
1984 The year of the Ethiopian Famine.
February 12, 1984 River stars as the character Jeffie in the TV movie Celebrity.
March 1984 River stars in Backwards: The Riddle of Dyslexia to critical acclaim which leads to a major role in the TV movie Surviving: A Family in Crisis.
September 26, 1984 The pilot episode of It's Your Move airs. River has just one line of dialogue.
October 15, 1984 Production begins on Explorers.
1985 The year Mikhail Gorbachev comes to power.
January 29, 1985 River appears briefly in Robert Kennedy and His Times.
February 1985 Production finishes on Explorers.
February 10, 1985 Surviving: A Family in Crisis with River cast as Philip Brogan airs on television.
June 17, 1985 River flies to Oregon and production begins on Stand By Me. Filming takes two months.
July 1985 Explorers released.
November 14, 1985 River appears in an episode of Family Ties playing the character of Eugene Forbes.
1986 The year of Chernobyl.
May 1986 River meets Martha Plimpton for the first time. Both take an instant dislike to each other.
October 12, 1986 River appears in his last ever TV movie Circle of Violence: A Family Drama. He plays the character of Chris Benfield.
End of 1986 River and his father travel to Belize for The Mosquito Coast. Filming takes six weeks.
1987 The year Brazil burns 80,000 square miles of
Amazon rain forest in just 79 days.
January 1987 Production begins on Little Nikita.
August 1987 River returns with his family to their new house in Gainesville, Florida to recharge his batteries after completing Running on Empty.
1988 The year 25,000 die in the Armenian earthquake.
February 1988 A Night in the Life of Jimmy Reardon released.
June 1988 The Phoenix family move to a 20 acre spread at Micanopy, 12 miles from Gainesville.
September 9, 1988 Running on Empty goes on general release.
Christmas 1988 Aleka's Attic give their first concert.
1989 The year the Berlin Wall fell
and the year of Tiananmen Square.
March 29, 1989 River attends the 61st Oscar Ceremony with his mother and Martha Plimpton.
April 10, 1989 Production begins on I Love You To Death on location at Tacoma, Washington. The work continues during the summer in Hollywood.
Christmas 1989 Keanu Reeves drives from his home in Canada to Florida to show River the script for My Own Private Idaho.
1990 The year Nelson Mandela was released.
January 1990 Aleka's Attic travels to Charlotte, North Carolina to record a song for a new album to benefit the charity PETA.
May 1990 River journeys to Seattle for Dogfight.
June 1990 Five months before production begins on My Own Private Idaho, River flies to Portland, Oregon to research gay hustling.
Summer 1990 Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade is released.
September 1990 River travels to Washington D.C. to accept the Humanitarian Award from PETA for his fundraising activities.
November 1990 River returns to Portland, Oregon to join the cast of My Own Private Idaho.
December 1990 Production of My Own Private Idaho moves to Seattle for two weeks before moving on to Rome, Italy.
1991 The year of Desert Storm.
January 1991 River has to be restrained after attacking and kicking a fan who tried to take his photograph.
August 1991 River returns to the family estate in Gainesville to celebrate his 21st birthday.
September 1991 River attends the New York premier of Dogfight.
October 28, 1991 Filming begins in Los Angeles for Sneakers.
1992 The year of the Los Angeles Riots.
March 1992 Production wraps on Sneakers.
October 1992 River and his band plays a free concert at a pre-election rally in Gainesville for Presidential candidate Bill Clinton.
1993 The year River Phoenix died.
January 1993 River's mother challenges her son about taking drugs.
January 1993 River's relationship with Sue Solgot breaks up.
February 19, 1993 River prepares his last will. His father receives no mention in it.
May 24, 1993 River signs a contract for Dark Blood.
August 1993 River and his brother and sisters fly to Costa Rica for the opening of their father's vegan restaurant.
September 6, 1993 River flies to the village of Torrey to begin work on Dark Blood.
October 30, 1993 River works throughout Saturday filming studio scenes for Dark Blood. He would be given tomorrow off.
October 30, 1993 River arrives the The Viper Room and meets up with his girlfriend Samantha Mathis, his brother Joaquin and other friends.
October 31, 1993 Just after 1:00am River is carried out of the Viper Room by Samantha Mathis and Joaquin.
October 31, 1993 1:34am - River arrives by ambulance at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in full cardiac arrest.
October 31, 1993 1:51am - River Phoenix is pronounced dead.
  November 25, 1993 A Memorial for River Phoenix is held at Paramount Studios.

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