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Stand By Me

Chris Chambers

Rob Reiner

Wil Wheaton

Gordie Lachance

Teddy Duchamp

Vern Tessio
Rio's Attic: Celebrating the Life and Times of a Dearly Missed River Phoenix

Stand By Me

You ready for school?


"Junior High" - you know what that means?

Next year we'll all be split up.

What are you talking about? Why would that happen?

It's not going to be like grammar school, that's why.

You taking your college courses and me, Teddy and Vern will all be in the shop courses with the rest of the retards making ashtrays and birdhouses.

You're gonna meet a lot of new guys - smart guys.

Meet a lot of pussies is what you're meaning.

No man! Don't say that. Don't even think that.

I'm not going in with a lot of pussies - forget it.

Well then you're an ass-hole!

What's ass-hole about wanting to be with your friends?

It's ass-hole if your friends drag you down.

You hang with us, you'll just be another wise-guy with shit for brains.

River Phoenix as Chris Chambers and Wil Wheaton as Gordie Lachance in Rob Reiner's Stand By Me.

Stand By Me

Maybe you could go into the college courses with me.

That'll be the day!

Why not? You're smart enough.

They won't let me.

What do you mean?

It's the way the people think of my family in this town. It's the way they think of me. Just one of those low-life Chambers kids.

That's not true.

Oh, it is!

No-one even asked me if I took the milk-money that time. I just got a three-day vacation.

Did you take it?

Yeah, I took it. You knew I took it. Teddy knew I took it. Everyone knew I took it. Even Vern knew it, I think.

And maybe I was sorry and I tried to give it back....

You tried to give it back?

Maybe. Just Maybe. And maybe I took it to Old-Lady Simons and told her - and the money was all there. But I still got a three-day vacation because it never showed up.

And maybe, the next week, Old-Lady Simons had this brand-new suit on when she came to school.

Yeah! Yeah! It was brown and had dots on it!

Yeah. So let's just say that I stole the milk-money but Old-Lady Simons stole it back from me.

Just suppose that I told the story - me, Chris Chambers, kid-brother to Eyeball Chambers, do you think that anyone would have believed it?


And do you think that that bitch would have dared tried something like that if it had been one of those dootchbags from up on The View if they had taken the money? No way! Hell no. But with me? Well....

Sure, she had her eye on that skirt for a long time. Anyway, she saw her chance and she took it. I was the stupid one for even trying to give it back.

I just never thought.... I never thought.... a teacher.... Oh, who gives a fuck anyway?

I just wish that I could go someplace where nobody knows me.

I guess I'm just a pussy, huh?


No way man.

Wil Wheaton as Gordie Lachance and River Phoenix as Chris Chambers in Rob Reiner's Stand By Me.

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