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Further Phoenix
at Rio's Attic:


Sidney Poitier

Phil Alden Robinson

Robert Redford

Carl Arbogast

Martin Bishop

Donald Crease

James Earl Jones

Bernard Abbott

Amy Benedict
Rio's Attic: Celebrating the Life and Times of a Dearly Missed River Phoenix


Err, I have never taken my wife to Europe.

I'm sorry to hear it. GIVE ME THE BOX.

You will buy me two round-trip, first class tickets to Athens, Lisbon, Madrid and.... Scotland.

Don't, don't forget Tahiti.

And, Tahiti.

Tahiti is not in Europe!

Excuse me. When you get the box, then you give us geography lessons. Until then, this man goes to Tahiti.

Fine. Tahiti!


The young lady with the Uzi - is she single?

Err, yeah - Carl? Excuse us, please.

This is the brass ring! Now, you gotta think bigger thoughts.

I just want her telephone number. Please.

How about a lunch? You can chaperone.

No! I will not do this!

Hey, Abbey, Abbey. Come on now, the FBI would give 'em twins.


Wait a second. You can have anything you want - and you're asking for my phone number?


273-9164. Area code 415.

I'm Carl.

I'm Mary.

I'm going to be sick!

Sidney Poitier as Donald Crease, James Earl Jones as Bernard Abbott, Robert Redford as Martin Bishop, River Phoenix as Carl Arbogast and Amy Benedict as Mary in Phil Alden Robinson's Sneakers.

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