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Rio's Attic: Celebrating the Life and Times of a Dearly Missed River Phoenix
For River J. Phoenix

For us he was the truth in person
real, simple, we enjoyed
how he acted, walked, behaved
never could we be annoyed

His life was to be busy
and things would happen
that even he couldn't believe
He had so much to give
yet very little to receive

We are slightly understanding
that he gave to us his all
he tried to do best all he acted
were it roles big or small

"Stand by me" we'd like to ask him
Show us how to live so true
For our dreams sometimes go too far
and we need some "Charlies" too

Silence, patience, peace and love
we can learn from youth boy River
Be the source of tranquillity
with 15, 16 and ever

Oh yes, heaven now is brighter
though this world has lost a light
"Take care of the earth" that's what he had told us
we must carry on the fight

Now the show is over
and the curtain has come down:
River has left the building
but will always be around

One day on a brighter morning
when on the River of Life we're sailing
we will understand the rest

Thank you, River, for your joining
and despite the others' moaning
you surely have quit well the test

We miss your calmness, peace, good nature
you really were a unique creature
Beloved River - you were the best!

Chris Frederick D. - Berlin, Germany
December 28, 2007

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