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Rio's Attic: Celebrating the Life and Times of a Dearly Missed River Phoenix
You stole my heart a lonely soul, you, River
wanted so much peace but the world was so cold,
you held so much love inside, but yet so much pain,
I look at you and know how you do feel.
How it can't be fair how I feel so much the same,
such a short life a loving stream,
you are held inside my heart in a beautiful dream,
I hope the pain's gone, the devil of the night
I hope you walk free
from all the pain in your life,
walk through the gate River always walks free,
in my heart you'll always stay,
you are a beautiful person to me,
you gave your peace you made me see.
that you'll always be here
beacause you're a star that will always shine free,
A mystery so devine, a star now shining so free,
the beautiful person you really are
a soul, a spirit, how much, you mean to me...

michelle o'meara - Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
January 22, 2006

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