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Rio's Attic: Celebrating the Life and Times of a Dearly Missed River Phoenix
In 1987 or '88, I was seated at a little
vegeterian restaurant in Gainesville called
Coney Island. It was a regular hangout for me
and my husband. River walked in to pick up
some food from the guy at the counter.
He just walked in by himself.
You would never have known that he was
a movie star. He just blended right in
with the rest of us veggies. I was a fan,
I knew who he was from the minute I saw him.
I silently pointed River out to my husband.
We wanted to respect his space,
so we didn't attract any attention to him
or to ourselves. I think he spoke of his band.
He stood right behind my shoulder
for a few minutes, thanked the guy
and went on his way. It was very cool.
I have never forgotten him because
we share the same ideals.

Sandy Frankel - Naperville, Illinois, USA
February 1, 2006

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