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Stand By Me
Rio's Attic: Celebrating the Life and Times of a Dearly Missed River Phoenix
I was fourteen the first time I saw you
in the movie Stand By Me.
I raved about it for the whole month
and my friends only made fun of me
for loving the movie too much.
It was then I wished
I had a friend like you in that movie.

Even though I was only two years old when you died,
when I found out you did I began to cry at
the thought of an actor as good as yourself
having to leave this world.

You changed my life and showed me that
someone could really care for their friends
so much it hurts,
that you only want what's best for them.
I wish you never had to leave this world
because I think it would be an honor to
have met someone like you some day.

It's hard for me to hear your name
and not think of what a great person you are.
ARE because you still live within the hearts
of your many fans that you have touched greatly.
You definitely live in mine.

I've heard that only the good die young.
I guess you are the best.

Jordan Steinhauser - New Jersey, USA
March 8, 2005

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