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Rio's Attic: Celebrating the Life and Times of a Dearly Missed River Phoenix
They say that the brightest stars burn out the quickest
and when you think of all the incredible people
who died before their time (Marilyn Monroe, James Dean,
John Kennedy, Martin Luther King),
you have to believe that its' true.
When these people are gone,
the world seems lessened for having lost them.
The impression they made and the void they leave behind
keeps you wondering what more they would have achieved
had they been given more time.
I would definitely place River Phoenix in this catagory
for both his acting talent and for who he was as a person.
He inspired people through his acting and activism
and he is still missed.
To this day when I go see a movie with a
strong young male lead in it, I can't help but wonder
"How would River have been in that role?"
He was an amazing child and an impressive young man,
who knows what he would have achieved as an adult!

In an industry fraught with fakeness,
he was uniquely genuine - poised, gentle, articulate,
intelligent and talented and above all, honest
- he will long be missed by his many fans.

Frances Cosgrove - Bloomfield, New Jersey, USA
April 7, 2005

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