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Aleka's Attic

Rio's Attic: Celebrating the Life and Times of a Dearly Missed River Phoenix
I have lived in the Charlotte area since I was eight.
When I was twenty, the local newspaper said
Aleka's Attic was to record in a studio there,
so I went there and waited in line,
suprisingly by myself!
Fearful of freaking out Rio,
I didn't walk up and ask for an autograph, I just
applauded and said,
"Thank you River for reminding me how I should be!"
He approached me and said,
"As long as you are true to yourself and your beliefs,
you are how you should be.
" We shook hands, smiled,
and then he gave an autograph, without me asking.
I knew I met true greatness that day!

I've met many famous people since then,
but I don't think I will ever meet a person
as authentic and genuine as River.
I mourned the loss of River's spirit
as much as his human shell,
both very beautiful examples of the River!
I will always remember River as an example
of how I and others should be like.

Jamie Sweitzer - Denver, North Carolina, USA
September 9, 2004

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