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Rio's Attic: Celebrating the Life and Times of a Dearly Missed River Phoenix
I took an acting class in high school
and I was very fortunate that I got to meet
and become a friend of River's.

River left footprints on my soul. His kindness,
his generousity is something I've never forgotten.
River was trying so hard to be grown-up and take
care of his family. Sometimes though I would see
the child River was and those glimpses, though small,
were a light into the person River was.

Though he cared about the environment a great deal,
the safety and security of his family was paramount in
his life and they dictated his actions and his steps
in life. Rare is the brother whom is devoted to his
sisters and brother the way River was. Many parents
can learn a lesson from River's love and devotion to
his sisters and brother.

Though, he might have been big on screen
his greatness in life transcended any flat,
phony movie star image he was forced to have.
He was a movie star without any attitude, he was a
light in the sky no matter what he did for a living.

The stars aren't as bright
since River's star went out.

Tatiana Lillian Romanov - St. Petersburg, Russia
March 23, 2002

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