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Stand By Me

Chris Chambers
Rio's Attic: Celebrating the Life and Times of a Dearly Missed River Phoenix
I'm not really old enough to have
any memories of River from his life,
but the things I've read about him,
the movies I've seen and the songs he wrote
makes me love him.

I look up to him and he's my hero.
He makes me believe in myself
and he really made me realise
that you have to fight, not just for yourself
but for other people too,
and never accept injustice.

I carry him with me in my heart wherever I go.
I wish that he knows what he has done for me,
I wish he was still here.
I pray that wherever he is he's happy and that
he can feel the love that I and many others
bring him, because he deserves it more than anyone.

When he played Chris Chambers in "Stand By Me"
he changed my life, and when I found out about
that cold October night,
he changed my life some more.
I will never forget him.

You live in my heart, my soul and my mind,
and that River will never dry.

Emma Malmgren - Stockholm, Sweden
December 17, 2002

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