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Rio's Attic: Celebrating the Life and Times of a Dearly Missed River Phoenix
All I can think of since you departed from us
is that it is my fault.
I would like to know why I feel this way.
I keep thinking that there was something I could have done,
something that I could have said.
The only conclusion that I can come up with
is why no one that was there with you,
stopped you, took you home, got you away
from the terrible fate that you would meet.
But how could they have known? How could I have known?

I remember waking up that night and not being
able to go back to sleep.
I got the feeling that something wasn't right.
I went to watch t.v.
I stayed up til at least eight that morning.
I was about to turn off the t.v.
but I decided to watch the weather instead.
But it wasn't a weather report....

Why? We will never know.
No matter what happens I will always love you River.
You will never be forgotten.
In my heart you will always live on....

Megan Miller - Illinois, USA
July 8, 2000

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