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Rio's Attic: Celebrating the Life and Times of a Dearly Missed River Phoenix
O, River, O my River, wherefore art thou?
Are you lost? O River, stream back to us
on your river which you were named for...
your bright shining light, your passionate voice,
your soulful eyes...
they have all but dimmed now...
but we still remember you so well.

Whenever I am - twenty, fifty, or ninety,
I will always remember the sweet, tenacious,
intense, and intelligent young man that once was...
and inspired me to take up on his causes.
He taught me so much more than just acting,
that there is so much more to the world
than being someone else.
That there is so much more to life than us humans.

O River, thank you for having given so much
in your brief time on Earth with us, and know that
we will learn from you once again someday...

Sweet River Jude Phoenix...

R. Alexandra Partain - Astoria, Oregon, USA
September 22, 1999

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