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Rio's Attic: Celebrating the Life and Times of a Dearly Missed River Phoenix
Sometimes, I wake up at night,
and I almost reach out my hand to call him.
I'll be looking at a photograph of him,
and I can still smell the cigarette smoke
and hear the laughter from the times that we shared....

Even though it's been five years now,
it's hard sometimes to get out of bed,
knowing that the world is a little colder
not having him in it.

I used to have this list of a perfect person
when I was younger. They had to be intense, smart,
sweet, and have beautiful eyes and hands.

Like Rio.

I clung to him, and his memory for so long that
I just didn't want to admit that he was gone forever...
But he is gone now... Forever... And it's okay...
Because I loved him, and he knew I loved him...

So Rio, if you can hear me, wherever you are, I love you,
and I miss you more then you will ever know... Good-bye.

In Loving Memory of a Friend.....

L.K. - New York City, USA
November 12, 1998

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