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Further Phoenix
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Rio's Attic: Celebrating the Life and Times of a Dearly Missed River Phoenix
I lived near Micanopy.

I would see River around town with his friends.

Though I never had the courage to
ask him for his autograph,
there were a few times that our paths crossed,
but nothing was ever said.

I respected his privacy
and never could find the right words.

I miss him so very much.
I miss his talent and his integrity,
and his passion for the causes
that he held dear in his heart.

I miss the hope that I had
that I would see him again sometime and perhaps
get the courage to shake his hand, and most of all
I miss what could have been in the future.
I wanted to grow old with River and his films,
and I wanted to see him get the recognition
that he so rightfully deserved.

I hope he is resting and in a much better place now.
I will cherish his memory always,
and my heart goes out to all those that suffer because of his loss.

God Bless his family and friends,
and his fans as well.

Love, Pixie

Julia Toth - Scanton, Pennsylvania, USA
February 13, 1998

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