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Costa Rica

Environment, Environmental Concerns, Green, Green Issues

Rio's Attic: Celebrating the Life and Times of a Dearly Missed River Phoenix
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"My parents are no longer missionaries but they're still very loyal to their code of ethics and we all try to live the same way."

River Phoenix

"If feels so good to be home. It feels good to settle down and live in a family and see what it really is like. Where we lived before revolved around the movie set. I never wanted the wealthy fantasies of limousines or the pride of arriving at school in nice clothes. I wanted money so we could buy a great piece of land and be self-contained. That impresses me, that really feels good. It feels like something's been accomplished."

River Phoenix

"I've just bought 800 acres of forest on the border of Panama and Costa Rica. I want to buy the last "first growth forest" and turn it into a national park. It's a human tragedy of immense proportions. Many native Indians in that region are losing their homes daily, and it's going to affect both you and me, because that's where most of the world's oxygen comes from. The Amazon rain forests are the world's lungs and without them we will not be able to breath. It's a very scary thought and it's not too far off."

River Phoenix

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