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Stand By Me

Wil Wheaton
Rio's Attic: Celebrating the Life and Times of a Dearly Missed River Phoenix
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"We had a shitty little apartment in North Hollywood. No kids were allowed so we had to hide in the closet when the landlady came round."

River Phoenix on the beginning of his career.

"Wil Wheaton is a video whiz - he fixed the machines in the hotel so we got free games. I took the blame. I said, 'You do it for me, and I'll take the blame'."

River Phoenix on encouraging Wil Wheaton to "modify" a video machine during the making of Stand By Me.

"He was a kind of hard-ass New Mexican cop. And he went to phone some other guy to do a check. They can't believe a sixteen-year-old kid in a motor home - what the hell? Did I just steal it or something? So I get down on the floor and start doing push-ups there. The guy comes out and I don't stop for him, and it's like 'What do you think you are, you clown?' Anyway, they search the whole motor home for drugs and narcotics. They went through everything. The ticket said you had to pay it or end up in jail, and I didn't mail it in for three months."

River Phoenix on getting his first speeding ticket.

"Not too bad except for the crotch rot."

River Phoenix when asked how he was during an interview whilst scratching himself profusely.

"I've tried Marijuana a few times but I don't like it. I get really boring on marijuana. It makes me dull."

River Phoenix

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