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Aleka's Attic

Rio's Attic: Celebrating the Life and Times of a Dearly Missed River Phoenix
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"I mean, if they can make a plutonium generator that will orbit Jupiter and stay there for forty-three years, surely they can make a receipt that will save paper? Drives me nuts! We have amazing superpower technology that will now never be needed to be devoted to arms, and instead of putting money into building safe sewers and protecting the groundwater, they.... they.... can't even make a damn birth control device that will limit the world's population."

River Phoenix

"I will say that I really feel sorry for all the true hippies that have to deal with me in the press as their poster child. I'm certainly not a good example of what the pure American hippie is. I find it quite hilarious every time that I see something as lame as Sassy's article about 'River Phoenix and His Little Hippie Band'. All that sort of stuff to me is like, 'Please, don't insult the hippie families of America by using us as their poster children'. It's just ridiculous. It underrates true hippies. It's a way of life, not an appearance."

River Phoenix on a magazine article about Aleka's Attic.

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