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Talbot Roe

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Eamon McCree

Llano Estacado
Rio's Attic: Celebrating the Life and Times of a Dearly Missed River Phoenix
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"They watch. They have their eyes! They listen for you but I know them. I am guarding! They can't see me!"

KNOWN AS : "Talbot"
OCCUPATION : Unspecified
FATHER : Prescott Roe
MOTHER : Unspecified
SIBLINGS : Unspecified
BEST FRIEND : Awbonnie Roe

Even at a young age, the early-North-American settler, Talbot Roe, was already on the road to ruin. Watching his son throw his life away, Talbot's father negotiated with Eamon McCree, a passing showman, to purchase one of his half-breed daughters, Awbonnie, in the hope that she would provide a stabilizing influence on his son's life. McCree's family and business were in much need of horses at the time and a suitable exchange quickly took place.

Awbonnie and Talbot were soon married but Prescott Roe's plan would ultimately have completely the opposite effect on his son to that which he intended.

Deep in the Llano Estacado prairie plains in 1873, Talbot Roe now found himself on the very edge of insanity. His wife died whilst giving birth to their first child and, broken-hearted, Talbot kept a lonely vigil by the side of her body. The child itself also did not survive.

He began to fall deeper and deeper within himself telling his dead wife that he too would die without her. He hardly spoke and he did not eat. Talbot did not sleep either, determined instead to guard and protect his wife's corpse from those, he believed, that intended to take her away.

He is haunted by visions of the ghost of his wife who had now turned on her former husband with a vengeance. She desperately wanted her spirit to be set free and would stop at nothing to accomplish this. When she failed to persuade Talbot to take his own life, she demanded that her lifeless body be thrown on the blazing fire.

Talbot's father, having failed in negotiations to buy her, stole Awbonnie's younger sister, in the hope that she could provide the same affection and support for his son that Awbonnie had done. He was determined to save his beloved son and return him to sanity.

"I will stay until your hair blows away...."

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