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"Oh, my goodness. Oh, my soul. There goes Alice down the hole!"

KNOWN AS : "Philip"
FATHER : David Brogan
MOTHER : Tina Brogan
SIBLINGS : One elder brother:
One younger sister:
BEST FRIEND : Rick Brogan

Philip Brogan enjoys a stable family life in a wealthy suburb of Oklahoma along with his elder brother, Rick, and younger sister, Sarah. His father is a successful surgeon and together, the family is well known for the garden parties that they throw for all their friends throughout the summer.

As is so often the case, Philip has a love-hate relationship with his elder brother. He teases Rick relentlessly because of his brother's love of opera music but nevertheless Philip adores and looks up to him. Sometimes though, Philip is a little resentful because, as he sees it, Rick is always so much better at everything than he is.

His brother works at his father's office in his spare time computerizing his patient's medical records. His father pushes his son relentlessly, insisting that he studies hard and becomes a doctor. Rick, however, has set his heart on becoming a photographer. That is, until he begins a relationship with Lonnie, the daughter of his parent's best friends. It is a strong, loving and particularly intense relationship and a relationship that none of the parents approve of at what is such an important period in their children's development. With Lonnie's parents due to send her away to school, and not being able to bear the thought of having to live apart and never see each other again, the two teenagers feel they have but one course of action left open to them. Their subsequent joint suicide pact is ultimately successful.

As a result, Philip sees his entire family torn apart overnight. A double funeral is quickly arranged for which most of the town turns out to pay their respects. Back home, over the next few days, Philip tries to help his parents recover but meets with little success. For example, his offer to look after Rick's opera records, rather than see them go to charity is mistakenly regarded as an act of selfishness by his father who is in the midst of the harrowing task of clearing out his son's room.

Eventually Philip and Sarah began to accept the death of their brother. However, any progress that their mother had made on the road to recovery was shattered when she discovers some of Rick's photographs that shows her husband having an affair. With their father thrown out of the family home the children once again find themselves in the very depths of despair. Philip then recalls how, in the past, he always used to copy his elder brother....

Finding the contents of her bottle of sleeping pills almost empty, Tina Brogan discovers her son in a delirious state and rushes him to hospital, livid with Philip and fearful that the recent tragic events she has had to live through and endure are about to happen all over again.

"And in the right corner - Philip. Left corner - Rick. The crowds cheer! Throws a right punch. A left punch. Hard jab right into the jaw! Boom, boom!"

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