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Jeff Grant

San Diego

Tony Stanton

Tom Stopperfield

Barbara Kerry

Richard Grant

Elizabeth Grant

Roy Parmenter
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"Whenever people tell me to 'be myself', I don't know what to do. I don't know what 'myself' is."

Jeffrey Nicholas
KNOWN AS : "Jeff"
OCCUPATION : Garden Nursery
OFFENCES : Speeding
FATHER : Richard Grant
MOTHER : Elizabeth Grant
BEST FRIEND : Roy Parmenter

Jeffrey Grant lives with his parents in the Fountain Grove area of San Diego, California. He hopes to be admitted to the local Airforce Academy and become a jet fighter pilot. He has a number of friends including Tony Stanton, Tom Stopperfield and his girlfriend Barbara Kerry. He drives a 4x4 truck, a little too fast he admits, and has gained at least three speeding tickets to date.

He often goes on fishing trips into the local bay area with his father but meets with little success. On one such trip, all he managed to catch was a tire and a tin can. Incidentally, it was at the end of this trip that his Father's catch was covertly exchanged for another fish that contained a secret KGB message capsule within it. This could mean only one thing - that his parents were being recalled into action.

Jeff's parents, Richard and Elizabeth Grant, are in fact Russian spies, specifically of the type known as "sleepers". These operatives are deep-cover KGB agents who infiltrate a foreign country and assume normal lives, until called upon.

As KGB agents, Jeff's parents entered The United States from Canada and took their names from a couple of headstones they found in a local cemetery. After living normal American lives for over twenty years without contact from their superiors, the prospect of being recalled into service causes much distress to Jeff's parents. Their mission is to deliver a consignment of money to a man named "Scuba" who is engaged in a killing spree, murdering other Russian agents. They agree to carry out the mission only after Jeff himself is kidnapped at gun-point.

Jeff is a caring, conscientious young man who always helps out his parents both at home and at their garden nursery business, which they opened in 1968. That is, until Jeff discovers the truth about his family, at which point he becomes resentful of his parents and rebels against them. Jeff's first plan after discovering his family's true identity is to leave home and run away with his girlfriend. She persuades him to return home.

"I used to hate the name, then I went through this period when that's all I wanted to be called - Nick. I thought it was tough. Now I hate it again."

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