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Danny Pope

New Jersey

Lorna Phillips

Arthur Pope

Annie Pope


Harry Pope

Juilliard School of Music
Rio's Attic: Celebrating the Life and Times of a Dearly Missed River Phoenix
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"Well.... you can't dance to Beethoven."

KNOWN AS : "Danny"
"Richard McNally"
"Michael Manfield"
OCCUPATION : Student Musician
FATHER : Arthur Pope
MOTHER : Annie Pope
SIBLINGS : One younger brother:
BEST FRIEND : Lorna Phillips

Danny Pope has never known a stable family life. His parents were 60's radicals who claimed responsibility for the 1971 bombing of the University of Massachusetts Military Research Lab, an institution where napalm gas was developed. Still wanted by the FBI, Arthur and Annie Pope must remain in hiding. "They were dropping that stuff on people," explains Danny, when asked to account for his parent's actions.

Danny is a responsible, mature young man who is particularly close to his mother. He always helps his parents with work around the house and enjoys a game of baseball in his spare time, but his first love will always be music. He is an extremely gifted musician who plays the piano, the electric guitar and also composes his own pieces of work as well. Following encouragement from his music teacher, he hopes to be admitted to the Juilliard School of Music when he graduates from school.

When the family has to quickly relocate to a new location every few months to keep one step ahead of the FBI, they cannot afford the luxury of taking personal possessions with them. Even so, Danny always makes sure that he has his keyboard with him so he can continue to practice and improve his skills.

When the family was forced to move to Waterford, New Jersey, the family took the name "Manfield" from a newspaper report and Danny had to get used to being called "Michael". It was shortly after arriving there that Danny became attached to the daughter of the high school music teacher, Lorna Phillips.

Initially, Lorna found Michael to be very strange, and quickly took to using the phrase "certifiable" when confronted by examples of his unusual behavior. She finds him very confusing and it is difficult for her to work out why Michael is so non-committal. She soon comes to realize that he holds a great many secrets within him. The pair quickly fell in love and for the first time in his life, Danny, at great risk to himself and his family, reveals his true identity and the circumstances that his family now find themselves in. "Why do you have to carry the burden of someone else's life?" asks Lorna. "He's my father," replies a loyal Danny.

"It's terrific not recognizing yourself when you look in the mirror.
It's wonderful having a new name every six months.

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