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Rio's Attic: Celebrating the Life and Times of a Dearly Missed River Phoenix
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"My father is an inventor. He invented this 'mechanical mop'. You sort of dance around with it. It works all by itself. You'd have to see it."

KNOWN AS : "Charlie"
OCCUPATION : Speculation:
FATHER : Allie Fox
MOTHER : "Mother"
SIBLINGS : One younger brother:
Two twin sisters:
Clover & April
BEST FRIEND : Emily Spellgood

The eldest son of Allie Fox, Charlie is the apple of his father's eye. It is always to Charlie that he turns to when an important errand needs to be carried out or a critical job is to be done and he trusts his son explicitly.

Likewise, Charlie is proud of his father and all that he has achieved. He describes him as a "genius" and Charlie has quite obviously looked up to his father all his life. Charlie always listens very carefully to his father and will then often quote the wise words he hears later on in his own conversations.

Secretly though, Charlie is a little embarrassed that his father is seen by others as "a crazy inventor of contraptions" and he is always uncomfortable when questioned about his father's career.

His father's dislike for modern-day society resulted in Charlie being brought up in a very sheltered environment. As a result, he finds it a little difficult to be around strangers and is particularly shy in the company of girls. In a further indication of their father's influence, both Charlie and his younger brother, Jerry, have a deep fear of the future, a future where they believe "something terrible is going to happen."

When the Fox family arrived in Mosquitia, Charlie was amazed at his father's strength and determination and was inspired to work every bit as hard himself. Initially at least, Charlie believed in the dreams of his father and obeyed him without question, no matter what. Before long though, the family's great jungle adventure turned into a nightmare and soon Charlie and the rest of his family had to fight for their very survival.

"Once, I had believed in Father, and the world had seemed small and old.
Now he was gone, and I wasn't afraid to love him anymore.

And the world seemed limitless."

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