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Further Phoenix
at Rio's Attic:

Stand By Me
Rio's Attic: Celebrating the Life and Times of a Dearly Missed River Phoenix
By Gily Fahima

"I saw River for the first time in Stand By Me, 5 years ago,
and I've been a big fan of him since then.
It means a lot to me, to know that other people can see my works
and share my feelings for River through the art

- Gily Fahima

Gily Fahima, who lives in Israel, works as a professional make-up artist. Obviously a talented individual with a very bright future ahead of her, she not only designed this jacket but also printed it herself too.

Gily has made a similar jacket for a famous Israeli pop band singer, and also designed graphics for the site of the British band "The Verve", one of which was published in a local students paper from Turner Fenton School, Canada in 1997.

This was Gily's final school design project inspired by comics which she drew on the fabric. She made use of fake fur and metal chains on the neck and stomach in this design and the River printed jacket is also made of fake leather.

These images © Gily Fahima
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