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Rio's Attic: Celebrating the Life and Times of a Dearly Missed River Phoenix
By Erik & Judy Dolnack

"I'd love in any way to leave something in River's memory
as a tribute for all the entertainment he's provided.

- Judy Dolnack

Erik Dolnack and his sister, Judy, from Pittsburgh, Philadelphia are huge fans of River who wrote to us saying they wished to do something special in his memory.

Together, they have created these pieces of artwork which they have kindly donated to Rio's Attic. They say they had a great time putting these pictures together and we think it shows. In fact, we felt the pictures were of such a high standard they deserved a section all of their own.

We have made this picture available as a bitmap file that visitors to Rio's Attic can download and use as their desktop wallpaper. A second higher-quality version is also available for those of you with graphics cards that can display more than 256 colors. See Phoenix Downloads for details and before you know it, well to quote Erik, " Ba-boom!, River's on your desktop! "

These images © Erik & Judy Dolnack

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