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Curi Curi
Rio's Attic: Celebrating the Life and Times of a Dearly Missed River Phoenix
Page Three
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Also that same year River gave his support for the Aliança Dos Povos Da Floresta (Alliance for the People of the Forest) campaign. The benefit album Txai was recorded to raise funds for that campaign.

As well as undertaking the task of recording engineer for one of the songs called Curi Curi River also narrates the following passage of text. He wrote it himself.

"While all our jungle friends sleep, we work.
Against them.
So when they wake, they're damned.
Like the river - Mother's bloodline.
Until we have completely stripped them
of their song, dance, prayer and language
and replaced it with ours.

How do we say, 'Oh sorry, let's explain. You listen.
No, this is the real world! It's good business!
Demolition! It's progress! Development!'

You see they don't need our language to know,
we've sold them down the river.

And franchised our own souls.

- River Phoenix

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