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Rio's Attic: Celebrating the Life and Times of a Dearly Missed River Phoenix


Blue Period

By River Phoenix

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I never thought I could see such blue
As the ice I fell into
I never thought that I could feel such blue
As the chill now embracing here

Most of us know where to go
When we need someone
But I'm a fool - too out of reach
I believe no one
This is not the way I want
To see your face
And this change could be
The death of you and me

Because I opened the door to such
Blue, livid flesh
How the blood shows through
If I could draw a conclusion here
I'd say that the end draws near

Most of us have somewhere safe
To escape from the cold
We've exhausted any trust of
Faith we can hold
I'll never know of the ghost
That wears your clothes
And you must not know how close
To the edge I go
This is not the way I want
To see your face
Your desperate eyes reach me
As blue as blue could be

Our sentence ends with a blue period
Out sentence ends with a blue period

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