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Rio's Attic: Celebrating the Life and Times of a Dearly Missed River Phoenix

June 28, 2000

Dear Rio's Attic:

I just want to say this is one of the most well organized, thoughtful, interesting, and provoking sites I have seen.  I have been a fan of River's for years as we are the same age.  It still doesn't seem appropriate to talk of him in the past tense, although that is the reality.  Or maybe I want to give myself some credit for still wanting to talk about him.  It is strange that people I meet today I compare to something in River.  Not even an ideal so much as a necessary component in a human.  A real soul with all the vulnerability and an almost comical ego.

I remember being so sure he'd grow to laugh about his adventures.  Adventures the rest of us take for granted as a life lived and yet shrug off his death as being too careless. I've read a few bios on River and although the life he led was truly fascinating, even more impressive is all the cosmic force that seemed to lead him to birth, expression of life, and death.  It doesn't even seem like a Hollywood story so much as a story for the ages.  Like if we can just get close enough to River, we can alter the way we see others with addictions, sensitivities, passion and hunger for learning.  Because it seemed that's really all he did, along the way, he was learning like the rest of us in his own time and way.  And it saddens me for the people who judge his death to not recognize their own paths of learning. But, there again if I judged them I would be joining them.

In other words, I want to thank you for letting me learn even more after these years of thinking I had seen it all.  Coming to your site was a gift because River's energy flows through it and those who loved him feel it, I am sure.  Please do not stop.  It is a dose of the extraordinary in a world of too many averages.


Michelle Conley
Dallas, Texas, USA

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