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Further Phoenix
at Rio's Attic:

Martha Plimpton
Rio's Attic: Celebrating the Life and Times of a Dearly Missed River Phoenix

October 22, 1998


My name is Maria and I am from Melbourne, Australia. I would like to thank you deeply for the compassion, sincerity and effort that you have put into Rio's Attic.

I think what River had, this illuminating light, breaks all barriers of culture, values and prejudice. I truly believe that he came here as a messenger, to remind us the beauty of human integrity, but also to point out to us man's corruptive nature. And to allow people to see that life on earth doesn't have to be a hell hole, if you don't want it to be.

Martha Plimpton, and a lot of other people have told admirers of River to stop admiring him, to stop putting him on this pedestal, and to stop loving him. To stop loving him, is to forget the memory of the sacrifices, and love River gave to us through his films, through his speeches, and through him just being him. And I thank you, for allowing the flame of River Phoenix to continue burning, because he is still here with us, and he will help us fight the prejudices of the world, the hate, and the inequality if we want him too. How can you stop loving somebody who loved so much? How can you forget him? Why should we forget him?!!!!

He had a mission, and although it feels so incomplete, I believe it is enough for everyone to see what we, the bodies of the earth, the controller of the earth have to do.

I thank you again, for keeping his spirit alive.... I always knew there are good, and kind human beings in this cold and cruel world. It was hard to find, but hey, I found you. And maybe if we all get together, we can achieve all the dreams he failed to do.

Yours faithfully,

Maria The'
Melbourne, Australia.

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