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Stand By Me

My Own Private Idaho
Rio's Attic: Celebrating the Life and Times of a Dearly Missed River Phoenix

June 3, 1999

Dear Rio's Attic,

I'd like to thank you for making the web site that River deserves.

I'm only 14 years old and was only 8 when River died, I was too young to understand. A few months ago I saw a movie called "Stand By Me" and the way River acted out his charecter was amazing, he was a brilliant actor. I continued to rent more videos with River in, like "My Own Private Idaho" and research more about his death. I never want to believe it. I never want to believe that such a life will be wasted. There's not one day that goes by when I dont think about River.

Your site was the first and only web site I decided to visit about River. Although there are many sites on the Net about him, I just keep coming back to your site.

In your site I also had the chance to read about the kind of person River was personally, not only in his acting, and it touches my heart even more. Every time I come to your site I can't hold back the tears. River is lucky to have such a dedicated fan as you to make sure he isn't forgotten. Thank you so very much.

Carly Patrick
Auckland, New Zealand

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