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Rio's Attic: Celebrating the Life and Times of a Dearly Missed River Phoenix

June 23, 1999

To whom it may concern;

The site you have created is by far the best site I've seen...and I've been searching for a long time. I thank you for everything and especially the "For Phoenix" section where you inform people of all the current issues in animal rights and environmental problems.

It's nice to know that no one's forgotten him because it hurts so much when people say terrible things about him and label him as nothing but a druggie. We drove him to that. I have no doubts. So it hurts when I meet people who forget all the good he brought to this world. That is what I remember him for. For his heart, his compasssion, his utter brilliance, and a unique, unduplicated charisma.

I miss him more and more as his birthday see, I'm not an obsessive fanatic...I'm merely an indivdual who's innocence was shattered by his death and so his memory is etched into my mind...but it's the memory of an angel whom we did not deserve. This world was too sour a place for him.

Thank you again for all you are doing to keep his memory alive...the introduction to your page could not have been better written and I applaude you with the tasteful way you use his pictures as memories and not as pin-ups for people to remember an image of him that was not him at all.


Texas, USA

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