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Surviving: A Family in Crisis

Dark Blood

Peter Bogdanovich

Samantha Mathis

Dermot Mulroney

Silent Tongue

The Thing Called Love


Abby Rude

John Boorman

Memorial Service

Ellen Burstyn

How To Make An American Quilt
Rio's Attic: Celebrating the Life and Times of a Dearly Missed River Phoenix
Samantha Mathis
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"The night River died is a nightmare that will never end."

- Samantha Mathis

River's third and final relationship would be with actress Samantha Mathis, a relationship which began on the set of The Thing Called Love.

Samantha Mathis

"Samantha agreed to do the movie because River was in it," remembered director Peter Bogdanovich. "She'd met him a couple of times but she didn't know him. He was crazy about her right away. He was anxious to have a lot of kissing scenes. He was saying, 'In the lovemaking scene, can we really do it? Can you just put us in there and close the door and let us go?' He was only half-kidding."

She would then accompany River, along with his assistant Abby Rude, to the Utah desert, the location of Dark Blood.

At the memorial for River, held at Paramount Studios, it would be Samantha Mathis who would stand up and attempt to answer director John Boorman's question, "Is there anybody here who can tell us why River took all those drugs?"

"River was so sensitive," she said. "He had so much compassion for everyone and everything that he had a weight on his heart. He was obsessive. When he wanted to eat artichokes he would eat ten at a time. He did everything to that degree."

For the 1995 movie How To Make An American Quilt, Samantha Mathis was reunited with her The Thing Called Love co-star, and appeared along with River's co-stars from Surviving and Silent Tongue, Ellen Burstyn and Dermot Mulroney.

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