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Rio's Attic: Celebrating the Life and Times of a Dearly Missed River Phoenix
Abby Rude
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"He never had the arrogance that a lot of Hollywood people do. He would never assume that anybody knew him, or knew who he was, or what he did. He would introduce himself to people. He had this hunger for knowledge about people and he was always curious about what they did and who they were and where they were from."

- Abby Rude

River first met Abby Gorton when he stayed at Flea's Los Angeles house during the making of Sneakers. The two bonded quickly with both of them sharing similar views on rain forest destruction amongst other things.

When she married boyfriend Dickie Rude in the winter of 1992, River flew them to Costa Rica where the three stayed with his father at his jungle retreat. When the marriage encountered problems the following year, River offered her a job as his personal assistant and she relocated to the Phoenix's Micanopy ranch. Here, she would quickly become close friends with River's mother. Her duties were many and varied and included cooking vegetarian cuisine when she accompanied River to the Utah desert for the filming of Dark Blood.

See Phoenix TV.

"One of the main reasons why he did have such an effect on people was because he was the person he came across to be, through interviews, on screen. He did stand for and wouldn't back down from his values. It wasn't just an act - he did believe in those things."

- Abby Rude

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