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Ellis Paul


Autobiography of a Pistol
Rio's Attic: Celebrating the Life and Times of a Dearly Missed River Phoenix

"I was bought by a man named Ray,
a card carrying member of the NRA.
But he left me out in his car one day,
and now the finger on my trigger hasn't seen it's sixteenth birthday.

- Ellis Paul

from his song Autobiography of a Pistol on the album Stories.

Rio's Attic Campaign: #00008


For The Children

A campaign mainly for the people of the United States, but with lessons for the entire world.

Each and every single day, fifteen children are shot and killed in the United States of America. As a web-site that deals with the unnecessary death of a young American, we've tried to make some sort of sense out of this figure and have calculated that, since River died, the lives of well over 27,000 kids have also been cut cruelly short.

These figures should all be multiplied by a factor of four when considering gun-related injuries rather than deaths. The National Association of Children's Hospitals announced that it costs more than $14,000 to treat each child wounded by gunfire.

Within the next few years, if current trends continue, injuries by firearms will become the leading cause of death to children.

It is estimated that 135,000 American children carry a gun to school every day.


Suggested Actions:

  • Visit the Cease Fire Inc. web-site. Their Children's Memorial section, which lists children as young as two-years-old, puts actual names to the above statistics:
    Time to complete: 10 minutes
  • Visit the Student Pledge Against Gun Violence web-site. Their pledge which states amongst other things, "I will never use a gun to settle a dispute" can be filled out online:
    Time to complete: 10 minutes
  • Visit the Handgun Control & Center To Prevent Handgun Violence web-site which sells copies of the above poster to raise funds:
    Time to complete: 10 minutes
  • Visit the GunFree web-site which lists nearly thirty ideas for reducing the risk of firearms-related deaths and injuries in your local community:
    Time to complete: 10 minutes

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