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Rio's Attic: Celebrating the Life and Times of a Dearly Missed River Phoenix

Rio's Attic Campaign: #00001


The Living Shadows

Following the seizure of the city of Kabul in 1996 by the armed militia regime, the Taleban, women and girls in Afganistan have been denied their most basic of human rights. They're banned from education, working (which includes widows), leaving their homes unaccompanied or talking in public.

They are forced to follow the burqa dress code by wearing garments that cover their entire bodies, effectively making them invisible - shadows denied of their right to choose and lead fulfilling lives.

In just one example of abuse collected by Amnesty International, Turpeki, a woman from the city of Farah, was shot whilst taking her toddler to the doctor because she was walking in the streets without a male relative.

The charity WomenAid International is currently running a solidarity campaign in support of Afghan women.


Suggested Actions:

  • Visit the WomenAid web-site to learn more about this and many other campaigns on behalf of oppressed women:
    Time to complete: 10 minutes

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