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Rio's Attic: Celebrating the Life and Times of a Dearly Missed River Phoenix

Rio's Attic Campaign: #00004


Millennium Tiger

The arrival of the new millennium brings with it many exciting changes. It also brings some unwelcome ones too. During the very same period that sees the human species entering the dawn of a new era, another species will make a quiet exit from the face of the planet.

Poaching and the destruction of the last of the great forests means quite simply the end of the road for the Tiger. The charity The Tiger Foundation is working to prevent that by making a major contribution to the long-term conservation of wild tigers and their habitat.

Inspiration to set up the foundation came about shortly after an eight-year-old child who was traveling through China with her family came across a market stall that was selling wild animal parts. The items on sale included a severed Tiger's paw.


Suggested Actions:

  • Visit The Tiger Foundation's web-site to learn more about tigers and to sign-up to receive important news about this most remarkable of species:
    Time to complete: 15 minutes

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