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Flight of the Phoenix
Rio's Attic: Celebrating the Life and Times of a Dearly Missed River Phoenix
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Every child needs a hero. Someone to look up to, someone who can teach them about courage, ideals and about life. A hero can be a parent for example, or other family member, a hero can be a schoolteacher or even just a close friend. But not every hero is to be found within such close proximity. Some heroes can be thousands of miles away, yet their influence is every bit as strong.

These heroes go quietly unrewarded for such people never get to witness the positive results of their own influence. These heroes never get to see just how so very important this inspiration has been. They themselves do not get presented with the evidence that clearly demonstrates just how much it mattered that they had lived.

For just 8470 days one might say, something special walked amongst us. In that short time, and initially quite uninvited, a unique spirit would creep quietly and unnoticed into countless hearts around the world and lift them to new heights. But on day 8470 those hearts would come crashing back to earth, to be broken into countless pieces.

We have already documented River's early childhood in Phoenix Before The Fire. In this section, that fire is now burning, and burning brightly. Here, we document how River captured the world - something he achieved in just the last 3000 days.

Flight Of The Phoenix (1966)

Chapter One
The Living Years

Chapter Two
Loving You

Chapter Three
You're My Hero

Chapter Four
Say Goodbye My Baby

For Helen
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