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Interview With The Vampire

Jeff Bridges

Warner Brothers

Tom Cruise

New York

Kevin Kline

Bruce Evans

Geffen Pictures

Neil Jordan

Brad Pitt

Christian Slater

Patricia Arquette

Sean Connery

Winona Ryder

Tom Hanks

Armand Assante

Tony Scott


The Legend of Billie Jean

Robert Altman

Joe Pesci

Glenn Close

Jeremy Irons

Jonathan Demme

Kevin Bacon

Dennis Hopper

Sarah Jessica Parker

Kevin Costner

The Wizard

The Name of the Rose

Francis Ford Coppola

Three Sisters

Meryl Streep

Morgan Freeman

Geena Davis

Barry Levinson

Pump Up The Volume

Jimmy Hollywood

Val Kilmer

Stephen Woolley

Tucker: The Man And His Dream


Gary Oldman

Mark Rocco

Bridget Fonda

Antonio Banderas

Stephen Rea

Kirsten Dunst

True Romance

The Mambo Kings

Philadelphia (Movie)

Bille August

House of the Spirits

Miami (Movie)

Love and Shadows

Robert Rodriguez

El Mariachi

Pedro Almodovar

Labyrinth of Passion

Law of Desire

Women on the Edge of a Nervous Breakdown

Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down!

The Crying Game


The Company of Wolves

Bad Behavior

Les Blair

The House

Mike Figgis

Life is Sweet

Mike Leigh


Princess Caraboo

Pret a Porter

Frank McGuiness

Someone Who'll Watch Over Me


Young Guns 2

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves



Untamed Heart

Beau Bridges

Cry Wolf

Dina Merrill

Gleaming the Cube

Murder in the First


Denzil Washington

Malaga, Spain

Madrid, Spain

The Playboy of the Western World

High Society

Brian Friel

The Music Man

Nicol Williamson


David Copperfield

The Christmas Carol

Landscape of the Body

Helen Slater

The Laughter Epidemic

Christopher Walken

The Edge
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Interview with the Vampire Press Kit
Page Nine

Featured in Geffen Pictures' "Interview With The Vampire," distributed by Warner Bros., are top, left-to-right: ANTONIO BANDERAS as Armand and STEPHEN REA as Santiago. Bottom, left-to-right: CHRISTIAN SLATER as Malloy and KIRSTEN DUNST as Claudia. The film also stars Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt.

ANTONIO BANDERAS (Armand), known by international audiences for his work with Spanish director Pedro Almodovar, made his American film debut starring opposite Armand Assante in Warner Bros.' "The Mambo Kings." Since then, he co-starred in Jonathan Demme's "Philadelphia" with Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington and starred in Bille August's "House of the Spirits" with Meryl Streep, Jeremy Irons, Glenn Close and Winona Ryder. He will soon be seen starring in "Miami" with Sarah Jessica Parker and in "Love and Shadows." His next film project is the starring role in Robert Rodriguez's "El Mariachi."

Born in Malaga, Spain, Banderas studied theater at Malaga's School of Dramatic Art and began his career working with an independent theater company in that city. In 1981, he moved to Madrid to work in theater and television, which led to his film debut in Almodovar's "Labyrinth of Passion." He has starred in five Almodovar films, including "Law of Desire," "Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown" and "Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down!," which earned him Spain's equivalent of an Oscar nomination for Best Actor. Banderas has appeared in more than 30 Spanish films.

STEPHEN REA (Santiago) was nominated for an Oscar in 1992 for his portrayal of the IRA volunteer Fergus in Neil Jordan's "The Crying Game." The film was Rea's third collaboration with Jordan, with whom he also worked on "Angel" (a.k.a. "Danny Boy") in 1982 and on "The Company of Wolves," which was produced by Stephen Woolley.

A native of Northern Ireland, Rea's career has combined varied fringe theater roles with playing leads in United Kingdom productions such as "The Playboy of the Western World" at the National Theatre and the Cole Porter musical "High Society." He has also worked extensively in television.

In 1980, Rea formed the Field Day Theater Company with the playwright Brian Friel. He has acted in all the company's productions, except Chekhov's "The Three Sisters," which he directed.

Rea's recent film credits include "Bad Behavior," directed by Les Blair; "The House," directed by Mike Figgis; the award-winning "Life is Sweet," directed by Mike Leigh; "Angie," with Geena Davis; and "Princess Caraboo," with Kevin Kline. Rea recently completed a role in Robert Altman's "Pret a Porter" and appeared on Broadway in Frank McGuiness's acclaimed play "Someone Who'll Watch Over Me," for which he received a Best Actor Tony nomination.

CHRISTIAN SLATER (Malloy) has completed 18 major feature films at the age of 25. In addition to "Interview With The Vampire," he will star this fall in "Murder in the First" opposite Kevin Bacon and Gary Oldman, under the direction of Marc Rocco.

Slater made his theatrical debut at the age of nine in a Broadway revival of "The Music Man." The New York City native attended both the Dalton School and the Professional Children's School before appearing on Broadway in such productions as "Macbeth" with Nicol Williamson, "Merlin" and "David Copperfield." He appeared in "The Christmas Carol" at Radio City Music Hall and starred Off-Broadway in "Landscape of the Body."

He made his film debut in 1985, co-starring with Helen Slater in "The Legend of Billie Jean," and followed by starring opposite Sean Connery in "The Name of the Rose" and Jeff Bridges in Francis Ford Coppola's "Tucker: The Man and His Dream."

Slater's emergence as a leading man came with his celebrated performance opposite Winona Ryder in "Heathers." In 1990, he appeared in "Young Guns II" and starred in the summer hit "Pump Up The Volume." Slater starred opposite Kevin Costner and Morgan Freeman in the 1991 smash hit "Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves" and played Lucky Luciano in "Mobsters."

That same year, Slater directed "The Laughter Epidemic," a children's musical benefitting the Pediatric AIDS Foundation, which ran a second time at the Westwood Playhouse due to its success. Shortly thereafter he starred in "Kuffs," the sleeper comedy film directed by Bruce Evans.

In 1993, Slater drew praise from critics and audiences with his portrayal of a lonely, infatuated busboy in "Untamed Heart," and starred opposite Patricia Arquette in "True Romance," directed by Tony Scott and co-starring Dennis Hopper, Gary Oldman, Christopher Walken, Brad Pitt and Val Kilmer.

Slater' s other film credits include "Jimmy Hollywood," directed by Barry Levinson and co-starring Joe Pesci; "The Wizard," co-starring Beau Bridges; the HBO anthology series "The Edge," co-starring Bridget Fonda; "Cry Wolf" with Dina Merrill; and "Gleaming the Cube."

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