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Stand By Me

Chris Chambers

Stephen King

The Body

Bradley Gregg

Eyeball Chambers

Rob Reiner

Kiefer Sutherland

Columbia Pictures

Wil Wheaton

Raynold Gideon

Bruce Evans

Corey Feldman

Gordie Lachance

Teddy Duchamp

Vern Tessio

Jerry O'Connell

Richard Dreyfuss

Ace Merrill
Rio's Attic: Celebrating the Life and Times of a Dearly Missed River Phoenix
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Stand By Me

Released By:Columbia Pictures
Director:Rob Reiner
Screenplay:Raynold Gideon and Bruce A. Evans
Awards:Best Screenplay based on material from another medium
(Raynold Gideon and Bruce A. Evans)

Wil Wheaton
as Gordie Lachance

River Phoenix
as Chris Chambers

Corey Feldman
as Teddy Duchamp

Jerry O'Connell
as Vern Tessio

Kiefer Sutherland
as Ace Merrill

Bradley Gregg
as Eyeball Chambers

Richard Dreyfuss
as The Writer

"I never had any friends later on like the ones I had when I was twelve.
Jesus, does anyone?

In a dramatization of Stephen King's short novella The Body, Rob Reiner tested over 300 people for this, a movie that he hoped would "find a small audience to enjoy it" but which went on to be a hit, outgrossing all other movies in September 1985. Due to the fact that River was so much like the character, Reiner chose him to play Chris Chambers.

Speaking of his character, River said, "I talked about the whole history of Chris with Rob. I decided he was older, thirteen, and he had flunked one grade. I'm a lot different from Chris. Chris never got out of the small town he grew up in, and he didn't have a family who loved him, like me. And though at his age I was as poor as Chris, I was rich in that I'd already seen a lot of places. But like Chris I'm the peacemaker and diplomat in my family."

In June River flew to Oregon and was introduced to his co-stars. Wil Wheaton was to play the lead character Gordie Lachance, Corey Feldman was cast as troublemaker Teddy Duchamp and the scaredy-cat character of Vern Tessio was played by Jerry O'Connell. Just as on the set of Explorers, the children immediately became the closest of friends.

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