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BEN KINGSLEY portrays Cosmo, a computer genius who reenters Martin Bishop's life after a long absence.

"We were going to change the world, Marty, remember?
Did you ever get around to actually doing it? No?
Well, I think I can."


BEN KINGSLEY, as a computer genius named Cosmo, enters Martin Bishop's life after a long absence.

Kingsley is perhaps best known for his Oscar-winning performance in the title role of "Gandhi," which also earned him a Golden Globe and a New York Film Critics award.

Kingsley rose to prominence in England as a member of the esteemed Royal Shakespeare Company. He continued to perform in various theatrical productions before originating his portrayal of Squeers in the historic eight-hour production of "Nicholas Nickleby."

Born and raised in Manchester, England, as Krishna Bhanji, Kinglsey changed his name when he became an actor at the age of 20. His father was a prosperous spice trader whose family traced its roots back to Gujarat, the Indian state in which Gandhi was born, and his mother was an English fashion model and actress.

He received an Academy Award nomination as Best Supporting Actor this past year for his performance as gangster Meyer Lanksy in the film "Bugsy."

Kingsley has starred in two motion pictures scripted by playwright Harold Pinter: "Betrayal," co-starring Jeremy Irons and "Turtle Diary," which co-starred Glenda Jackson. He has also co-starred in "Without a Clue," "Harem," "Camille," "Maurice" and "Testimony."

His television credits range from "Silas Marner" for the BBC to "Murderers Among Us," an HBO drama in which he played famed Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal.


"I will not be dragged back into your world...I have a new group of gifted children now, and I like the fact that they're under 30."


MARY MCDONNELL portrays Liz, a teacher of gifted children who was once in love with Martin Bishop but insists, "We're not getting back together."

An alleged overnight sensation who has actually been an accomplished actress for the last 12 years, McDonnell received rave reviews and an Oscar nomination for her role as Stands With A Fist in the acclaimed 1990 feature "Dances With Wolves."

She made her New York stage debut in Sam Shepard's Pulitzer Prize winning "Buried Child," and has worked steadily since, playing the classic heroines of Ibsen, Shakespeare and Chekov, as well as contemporary characters for John Patrick Shanley, Emily Mann and the late Dennis McIntyre. In 1991, she won an Obie for her role in "Still Life."

Her most recent stage performances include the lead in "O' Pioneers" which was filmed for American Playhouse, and the title role in Wendy Wasserstein's Pulitzer Prize winning play on Broadway, "The Heidi Chronicles."

Last year, McDonnell starred in the dramatic film "Grand Canyon," directed by Lawrence Kasdan. She has had leading roles in "Tiger Warsaw," as well as in John Sayles's "Matewan." She is starring in the upcoming Sayles film tentatively titled "The Louisiana Project," with Alfre Woodard and David Strathairn.

The Louisiana Project movie mentioned above was released in 1992 as Passion Fish.

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